Agricultural Sprinkler Irrigation Machine

    A sprinkler machine is a device that sprays water under certain pressure through specialized nozzles, dispersing it into fine droplets that fall evenly like gentle rain over fields, providing the necessary water for crops, flowers, and nursery plants.

The system integrates components such as pressurization, water delivery, spraying, and mobility into a single, movable unit, referred to as a sprinkler machine.

The structure of this machine can be illustrated using a portable, lightweight sprinkler as an example. It mainly consists of a nozzle, spray frame, outlet pipe, power unit, water pump, inlet pipe, filter, and support frame.

When the power unit drives the water pump, the impeller inside the pump rotates at high speed, generating centrifugal force. This force causes the water in the impeller channels to be flung outward, compressing into the volute. The impeller inlet creates a vacuum, and the water from the pool or storage tank is drawn into the impeller through the suction pipe due to external atmospheric pressure. This water fills the created vacuum, and the newly drawn water is then flung out of the volute by the impeller, entering the water pipe, and finally being forced into the nozzle, which sprays it onto the crops in the fields or pastures.


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