New Water-Saving Irrigation Technique – Micro Spray Tape


Previously, most of the water-saving irrigation equipment we commonly encountered was micro-sprinkler irrigation. Now, what we see here is micro spray tape, which is also a type of water-saving irrigation equipment. It might not be very clear on camera, but there are many small holes laser punched on it. What is the function of this micro spray tape?

Firstly, its characteristic is that it is relatively uniform, unlike regular micro spray tapes, which have dead corners where water cannot reach. This is a technique that has been introduced: holes punched by lasers on the tape, with large and small holes, allowing water to be distributed evenly over various areas. Moreover, using it to irrigate does not cause soil compaction; instead, the soil becomes looser with each watering, resembling spring rain, which is beneficial for crops and green grass.

Because the water outlets are relatively small, the water sprayed by the micro spray tape contains fewer large water droplets, resulting in excellent atomization. From a distance, it looks like a light mist. When using micro spray tape for irrigation, the water utilization rate is very high, usually saving more than 50% of water compared to traditional micro-sprinkler irrigation. Additionally, using micro spray tape is very easy. Take a look at this large clip; it helps you easily control the irrigation area for localized irrigation.

For a relatively small area, say 50 meters long, this tape is 100 meters long. You can clamp the clip at the 50-meter or 80-meter mark, so there’s no need to cut the tape. It’s quite convenient. A roll of 100-meter micro spray tape weighs less than 1 kilogram, very lightweight. It can be used in multiple locations, and it’s easy to move around. After watering, you can roll it up to avoid damage. So, let’s talk about its price, shall we?

A roll costs 750 yuan, it’s 100 meters long, with a spraying width of 10 meters. It can irrigate 1.5 mu of land at a time, and if you move it five times, it can cover 6 mu of land. The average cost per mu of land is just over 100 yuan.

Micro spray tape is suitable for most crops, but some special crops require more stringent atomization of water. For example, edible mushrooms like wood ear mushrooms often have trouble with watering and increasing humidity. If the humidity is too high, they are prone to rot. This type of micro spray tape can be driven by a small electric motor and can spray completely atomized mist under a pressure of 0.3 kilograms. The water outlet hole is only 0.3-0.4 millimeters, and the diameter of the water droplets sprayed is below 0.4 millimeters. The maximum spraying width can reach around 4 meters.

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